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We provide film and photography production services for commercials, documentaries, narrative films, music videos, underwater footage, aerial footage and more. We’ll take care of all of your production needs: locations, permits, crew, on-set editor, equipment, transportation, local insurance and all around logistics. No matter the size of the production, we’re happy to help you.


Costa Rica. A beautiful country located in Central America and ranked the happiest country in the world in 2017 according to the Happy Planet Index. It’s no surprise, we value peace, education and our environment. Not only that, but if you decide to shoot here you can film the sunrise in the Caribbean coast, drive a few hours to the Pacific and film the sunset, all in the same day. We also have direct flights from most big cities and airports around the world: five hours from Los Angeles, three from Miami, five from New York, ten from Madrid, eleven from London, etc.


We offer some of the most breathtaking locations you will ever find in such a small territory. They include rain forests, volcanoes, waterfalls, rivers, beaches with different sand colors, cities, hot springs, golf courses, coffee plantations, underwater and more. You name it, we got it. Do you want to film monkeys, sloths or other wild animals? We can arrange that. Most importantly, we have talented and experienced crew members that are willing to work hard during challenging conditions such as shooting in the jungle, on a hot day at the beach or while you hike to reach for a breathtaking waterfall. Our beautiful locations are comparable with places like Hawaii and some Caribbean islands, with the additional advantage that our rates for non-union crew, hotels and location services in general are extremely financially competitive.


Simply. Green. À la carte. We’re here to make things easy for you. You want to shoot for one day or you want to shoot for one hundred days? No problem. Do you want to fly in the above-the-line members and hire the rest of the crew locally? We can do that. Do you want everyone in the crew to speak English? You got it. Would you like to have a carbon neutral shoot? We’ve got a local advisor that will work with you to help measure, reduce and compensate the carbon footprint. Do you want to bring your own equipment but you’re worried about customs? We can handle it. Just tell us how YOU want to work and we’ll make it happen. We value customer service and we want you to be happy and comfortable. We really are PURA VIDA.

Costa Rica Filmworks is a company founded in 2008 that has full support from the Costa Rica Film Comission. Erika Bagnarello, founder and Executive Producer, is an accomplished film professional with experience in commercial, documentary and narrative film. Ms. Bagnarello is also a writer-director of narrative work and her debut feature film PRIMERO DE ENERO was recently distributed by HBO. Currently, she’s working with a Los Angeles based studio on the development of a television series. Her experience is at a high level of creative execution and her work as a director ensures that she will be able to capture value in the location and production services she and her qualified team can offer. She spends her time between Los Angeles and Costa Rica.




Erika Bagnarello is among the very best we have had the pleasure working with. She can get things done and make any production go smoother but she is also a breath of fresh air, incredibly positive and fun to be around. You will earn a friend for life. Pura Vida.

Eidur Snorri, Snorri Bros

Erika’s work was crucial in making the Costa Rica part of our shoot creatively successful and logistically painless.  She had a high level of professionalism, a great work ethic, and handled last minute changes with ease.  I would be very happy to work with her again.

Erik Holmberg, Film Producer



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